I’m Kimberly, Dutch (so I live in the Netherlands) and I keep corn snakes. My favourites are Striped, Tessera (especially those with a perfect line on their backs) and Tessera Stripes with the amazing faded looks! That’s how I also came up with the name Snakes & Stripes.

I find it important to keep high quality in animals, this means I would only offer animals that have eaten at least 5 times consecutively. I also make sure not to breed with Stargazer animals (only for testing purpose).

Recently I’ve started expanding my isopods, first I only kept some from my garden and tropical whites as clean-up crew in my vivarium. Now I’ve added Porcellio Laevis Dairy Cows to my collection and maybe more in the future. I also keep Pachnoda Marginata (sun) beetles. Read more about them here.

You can find my current corn snakes here.

Looking for a corn snake yourself? Check this page to see if I have anything available for you!