Clutch 1 – Stargazertest

Jackie (Tessera het Anery, Dilute, Motley or Stripe)
Firenze (Masque Okeetee het Stargazer ph Anery, Diffused, Hypo, Sunkissed from Dani’s Corns)

Clutch of 9 eggs.

Jackie’s dad is an untested Okeetee Tessera, so I felt like it was smart to test her for Stargazer.

Outcome was:
(1.2.3 means: 1 male, 2 female, 3 unknown gender)

  • 3.2 Normals
  • 2.2 Tessera
  • 0.0 Stargazer

From this test Jackie has been proven 92,49% Stargazer free, since it’s quite low the pairing will be repeated in the future.