We will no longer have any snakes available. If you are interested in isopods though you can check out Cleanup Critters.

If you are interested in any corn snakes check out my friends E-Corns and Dani’s Corns, they regularly breed them.

0.1 (female)

Normal (+ maybe some red enhancing gene)
het Hypo, Cinder, Stripe
50% p.h. Anery

Parents: Aphrodite – Tessera Stripe het Anery 50% p.h. Amel x Merlin – Hypo Cinder

Born on 13 July 2021


Can be picked up in Haalderen, The Netherlands or taken to Houten on 6 November 2022.

I ask for a 50% reservation fee upfront. The rest of the amount can be paid at pick-up.